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Passionate and constantly aiming for speed and quality. I have been working in the video game/sound industry for the last 15 years’ I those 15 years I work and play a major role in the audio part of some AAA games such as Skylanders, Call of duty, Spider-Man and many more. I add the chance to help build from the ground up 2 audio studios in my career one for:

-Post-M in Montreal (Post prod studio specializing in VO recording, tv/ radio/LAN patch, such as L’Oréal, Porter, Ford, PFK, etc. 
       - Activision / Beenox studio in Québec 

I got strong sound designer's abilities (sound design and integration) Am passionate about developing an audio department, directing music (composer) and creating an interactive music system for a video game. I am a team player and I find some innovating solutions for any type of challenge. I love to work with passionate people
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